Manny: modern wedding photographer

To answer your very first question, you can call me Manny. I am a full-time wedding photographer. I moved to Pittsburgh in 2009 from San Diego, CA. What am I doing in Pittsburgh? Oh, I got sick of the clear skies, the multiple beaches, and the 60 degree winters. Not really. I decided to move here to be closer to family and to start a new life. A month after I moved here, my family packed up and moved back to California. Wait… what? No hidden meaning behind the sudden move right guys? …Guys?

I decided to stick it out and see what Pittsburgh has to offer me. Pittsburgh greeted me with a hearty hello and a blizzard of the century. Seriously, who remembers the 2009 blizzards? It was my first snowy winter ever. Cars were stranded, buses were shut down, everyone was walking home. I had nothing more than a windbreaker and running shoes on when I walked home from the Waterfront to Oakland. 3 hours folks. It took me 3 hours to get home. Of course I didn’t know my way around town. So I trusted my GPS to take me home. But it made me walk through the sketchiest part of town. I still get chills thinking about that one dark bridge I had to walk under. Oh and when I got home, I couldn’t find my house keys! People here are truly wonderful but I really wished someone would have explained to me sooner why there are lawn chairs all over the street. That took me a while.

What were we talking about? Oh, weddings. Yes, I am a wedding photographer. I was trained at San Diego City College. Since then, I got into wedding photography, trained with other professional photographers, and have been running my own small business ever since. You may have seen me and my couple on TLC’s Four Weddings(they won!). Wedding photography is hard work but when clients proudly show off their photos–there are no other happier feelings.

I want you to have the simplest and best experience with your wedding photographer. Why? Because I will be at your side all day! I’ll help you get through the day. I want your experience to be easy, fun, and beautiful. We may only know each other for brief moment but years from now I want you to be able to think back and say, “My wedding photographer, Manny, he rocks! My first born is named after him!”

Member, Professional Photographers of America
Member of Professional Photographers of America