Meghan + Luke at The Morning Glory Inn in Pittsburgh, PA

One day, I checked my phone and saw a missed call. A future bride, Meghan, left a voicemail inquiring about wedding photography for a date that I was moments away from booking. I called back to inform her of the situation. While she was disappointed, she told me she wanted to wait for them to book me before she continue her search. She wanted me to be her photographer and I was sad that I wasn’t going to be. I began searching for other photographers that I can recommend when I received an email from the first client. The first client decided to cancel. That left me the wonderful opportunity to photograph Meghan and Luke’s wedding.

Meghan and Luke met in college. While in the cafeteria, Meghan saw an open seat and sat down next to our very own Luke. This was the first time they saw each other, the first time they talked to each other, and the first time he knew he found “the one.”

When Meghan got up to return her plate, I can only wonder what Luke was feeling. Was she coming back? Was it the last time he is going to see her? Was it going to be the last time he talk to her? Life has a way of kicking us to do things. When Meghan got up from the table, a fortune from a fortune cookie was hiding under Meghan’s plate. It didn’t belong to her and it didn’t belong to him but it did change their lives forever. It said: “Don’t be afraid to take a chance when the opportunity of a lifetime presents itself.” When she came back to the table, he took his chance.

Their first date was at a place called Wild Ginger. Apparently, Luke spent several hours before the date cleaning his car and Meghan was so nervous she barely ate anything during the date.

Six months into dating, they were driving around, windows down, music going, and it suddenly hit her. She realized that there was nowhere else she would rather be than where she currently was: in some little town, in some little beat up car (was it still clean, Meghan?), sitting right there next to Luke. That’s when she decided she wanted to be where ever he was going to be.

One day, Luke took her back to the cafeteria where he first met her, where he first saw her, where he first talked to her, and where he first knew she was the one. That cafeteria was where he knew things changed for him and he wanted it to be the site for his proposal. He got down on one knee and asked her a very important question.

From the first date to the wedding day, six years has passed. It has been one big wonderful dream. I had the wonderful pleasure of photographing their wedding. It has been a pleasure hearing their story and now I want to show you their story.



















Morning Glory Inn in Southside - Pittsburgh wedding photographer - Man Nguyen Photography

Venue: Morning Glory Inn
2nd photographer: Krystal Tirado