Wedding Venue: Pittsburgh’s Grand Hall at the Priory Hotel in Northshore

I photographed Pittsburgh’s Grand Hall a few years ago. This is a very beautiful venue and have many unique features. The light curtain near the wedding party table is pretty recognizable. The tall ceiling makes the venue feel like a Disney ball room. The organ pipe makes for a great background. The balcony gives a wonderful look at the dance floor. The Grand Hall is spacious and I love taking photographs here because I know there will be many details. The courtyard can be used for cocktail hour and at the end of the night, a sparkler exit. The Grand Hall has a town house across the street where the wedding party can hide out, freshen up, eat, and relax until the wedding starts. The garden across the stress also makes for great portraits. You can also book a room at the Priory Hotel itself so getting ready and crashing at the end of the night would be easy. There are many wedding portraits opportunity nearby. My favorite would be the riverwalk next to PNC Park, Strip District, or Robert Clementine Bridge. Great venue to have a wedding.



Their garden across the street makes for great portraits.

The reception space and their signature backdrop.


The organ pipes makes for a great, silhouette backdrop.

Sparkler exit can be done in the courtyard.